Monday, March 21, 2005

About theories, myth, proper action and Quacky Quacks

Scientific theories tell us what is possible; myths tell us what is desirable. Both are needed to guide proper action.

are the words said by professor John Maynard Smith.

Read the conversation with John Maynard Smith.

These words can nowadays be translated like:

It's been a hard days work, and my body tells me that I'm tired, it's not just a "theory", it's the truth. I ought to write something, but today will be light blogging, here we go:

Still receiving more and more comments from true believers and quacks, and since they're really all around you (newspaper, TV, books, internet, anyware), that made me consider of making a blog carniwals to the "Quacky Quacks". Then I would ask them:

Why do "health freedom advocates" attack only with lack of evidence, if any?
(I guess it might be because they don't have any for the most part or is it only a matter of faith like a religion?)

Why are they afraid of revealing themselves and only leaving comments anonymously?
(they are afraid of being stalked, if you ask themself)

Why do they make threat on their web pages like "I warn you seriously"?
(Does that mean they will blog your IP-adress or will they simply pray for you.)

Why do they not allow anyone to express skepticism about "cures" discussed in newsgroups (they're censored)?
(The person is simply barred by the moderators.)

See who links to your web site.