Saturday, July 17, 2004



Chiropractic neck manipulation

Chiropractic VS Medical education

Chiroquack claims that 15% of medical treatments work, and that illness is caused by "subluxations"

Is chiropractic really complete garbage? I was under the impression it was a legit medical thing

The following film will come as a real shock to anyone who thinks chiropractic is safe

Video of Placebo in Action

What is worth knowing about the Chiropractic profession?

The Chiropractic War on Public Health is still going strong


Benveniste could not reproduce his own experiments and water still has no memory

Can water "remember"?

Discussing problems with energi in water

Homeopathic arguments are like diluted water (nothing is in them)

Homeopathic doctor talks about practice

Homeopathic trickery

Homeopathy exposed - again

How long will it take to become a (un)qualified homeopath?

Misleading the patient for fun and profit

Waterrelated pseudoscience, fantasy and quackery, be amused

What is the paranormal in homeopathy?

Why is homeopathy not acceptable as scientific medical healing system?

Kevin Trudeau

Interview With Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau's book is still on Best-Seller lists

Kevin Trudeau accused of violating customer privacy

Kevin Trudeau's shady past

Kevin Trudeau in

Quackery and Medical Misinformation:

A story about a patient who was convinced he was dead

About having false hopes

About theories, myth, proper action and Quacky Quacks

Acupuncture: Enter the Sham Acupuncture

Alternative ways to look at the different kinds of "surgery" offered by herbal, magneto, acupuncture and homeopathic therapies

An uncritical piece on the healer named Adam (a.k.a. the Adam Dreamhealer)

Anti-aging (Part 1)

Anti-aging (Part 2)

Anti-Aging Scams

Articles on Quackery

Atkins and other low-carb diets are pseudo

Autism Treatment may have caused the death of a 5-year-old boy

Bad Chinese Morality in Skin Cream

Bad Science

Battle between Science and Quackery

Believers in healing rejected the falsifiability of God's power

Chewing gum increases size of breasts (in Japan)

Common believed nutrition Quackery

Continued Myth about Cancer


Debunking some of the most common myths

Discussing problems with energy medicines

Does any of theese ongoing trends worry you, because they really should

Dr. Buttar and his skin cream

Dr. William Hammesfahr is a Quack

Echinacea is still NOT working on colds

Enter the Sham Acupuncture

Excellent reading about science, alternative medicine

Florida neurologist might be a Quack

Flouridation: Countless Studies have cleared flouridation beyond doubt

Taking on the Anti-flouridators

General signs of quacky web site

Herbs: Natural is not necessarily safe

Herbs: The Myths of Herbal Tea

Herbs: The twenty most popular herbal medicines

How often do you hear of a cure for AIDS?

How to recognize health fraud

Hulda Clark does not have cure for cancer

I am born naturally skeptical against pseudoscience

It is hard to claim pure motives when suggesting that patients try untested therapies

Kylie Minouge's alternative cancer theraphies

LIFEWAVE Energy Patch, what are the credentials?

LIFEWAVE: Wear the Lifewave Patches, and have lots of laughs

Look carefully to the new food guidelines and be sure they are not a political parody

Myth about Cancer

New York Ad agency

Open Minded...or Mindless?

Parents need have no more fears about the triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella

Prince of Wales and Quackery

Quacky Quacks

Questions about healing

Questions about acupuncture

Questions about zonetherapy

Questions about zonetherapy part II

Side effects caused by Chinese medicine

Standards will not provide any evidence

The anti-MMR campaign dismissed by Science

The Cajun Cowboy has spent $200,000.00 on alternative therapies

The Prince in a secret mission

Top 10 health fraud PDA-list

Unfounded health-scares

Value of therapy

Why do we have to criticise fraud, scams and misinformation

Why does fraud exist

Will natural medicine be a pille or

Will that Rife Machine 2005 Plus Model G designed by Royal Rife do any good to your health???

Would you like to extend your lifespan?

Zoetron Theraphy: Pair charged over fake cancer clinic

Danske link:

Astrologi, videnskab, tro eller overtro

Bliv registreret alternativ behandler

Eksisterer det overnaturlige

Er der sammenhæng mellem New Age og Alternativ behandling

Findes der mere mellem himmel og jord

Hvad har en kiropraktor med en forstuvet fod at gøre

Hvorfor lader vi os lokke af alternative behandlingsformer

Kan hovedpine kureres med 3 nåle i mit øre

New Age part II

New Age den nye tid?

Nye terapiformer

Pseudovidenskabeligt ernærings-FUP

Salg af falske forhåbninger


Videnskabelige beviser og alternativ behandling

Friday, July 16, 2004


Skeptics' Circle:

Orac is hosting this week Skeptics’ Circle no. 13

Skeptics's Circle no. 13 will soon be here

The Skeptic's Circle Saloon is up at Annex Blog

The 11th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

The final calling

Calling for submissions to the #11 Skeptics' Circle

Skeptico welcome you to the 10th Skeptics' Circle

If you like reading The Amazing Randi, then you must read the Ninth edition of The Skeptic's Circle.

The eighth skeptic's circle is up and it's a great one

Skeptics' Circle #7 is up

The fourth Skeptics' Circle will be here soon

Skeptic circle part III

Skeptics circle part II

Intelligent Design and Creationism:

Among the people I know, no one has really heard much of creationism

Astrology is scientific theory, courtroom told

Behe's testimony in The Dover Trial

Central Tenets of Evolution Theory

Dealing with design

Ernst Haeckel on Slate

Evolutionary theory is holding up day after day to scientific tests

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism - All you need to know

God is in a class by himself

Hearings in Kansas on evolution is not about science

ID-proponents and public imagination against Science

"Intelligent Design" belongs to Stone Age

Intelligent Design in Court

Intelligent Design on Trial

McCain has surrendered his integrity

Michael Shermer and Kent Hovind debating Evolution vs Creationism - it should have been "The Science of Creationism" instead

More news on Dr. Dino, oh I meant Kent Hovind

Science museums live by the rules of science

Should intelligent design be teached at school?

Striking parallels between the Adam' Babel Fish and ID

The kids decided not to teach Intelligent Design in U.S. Schools

Unintelligent Design and the Smithsonian

Other Pseudoscience:

Alien abductees prone to false memories

Andrew A. Skolnick: Great website debunking the paranormal

Angry souls and clairvoyant without ability

Danish clairvoyant has not applied to Randi's One Million Dollar challenge

Deepak Chopra v. Michael Shermer

Excuses for not taking the Randi Challenge

General signs of pseudoscience

How to be a modern skeptic

I am born naturally skeptical against pseudoscience

One million dollar Paranormal challenge, what are chances of winning?

Personality test are all over the internet

Pseudoscience by Deepak Chopra

Psychics on TV are misleading the public

Psychic seeks $32m Saddam reward

Randi's money

Uncritical piece on the healer named Adam Dreamhealer

Urban Legends:

Comming Soon

Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking links

Critical thinking and strategy

How to be a modern skeptic

Testing reliability of information on the internet


Excellent Scientology information

Finding my Religion

How will someone who believes in E-meters get off calling ANYTHING pseudoscience?

Occultism is a kind of religion

The difference between psychotherapy and New Age is explaned below

Tom Cruise attacking Psychiatry and Science

Tom Cruise Website

Update on the Tom Cruise and Scientology


A remarkable conclusion to make

Astrology and horrorscope is still junk science

What does astrology do if anything? and why you can NOT test astrology

Science and the Scientific Method:

A theory cannot be scientific if it does not admit consideration of the possibility of its being false

An interview with a Harvard Epidemiologist Walter Willett (related to Michael Crichton)

Bertrand Russell

The burden of skepticism

Common types of fallacious techniques used in discussions at the blogosphere

Crichton and the broad scientific consensus on global warming

Isn't that how Science is supposed to work?

Questions about Science

Skeptic considerations

Science is not just a matter of opinion

SkepticWiki - the Encyclopedia of Science and Critical Thinking

Sleeping beuaty

Smart people believe weird things, they do

Talk about Bad Science every Thursday

The difference between Science and Proof

The Dragon in my Garage

The most stupid thing said about science....

Thougths about being skeptic

Why be burdened by highly publicized fears that decades later did not turn out to be true?

Excellent skeptical voices:

Skeptical books, Websites, Blogs and Sources

Excellent skeptical websites, while you wait for the upcoming Skeptics Circle

Danske links:

Er scientologi en lærdom

Er New Age den ny tid

Hvad tror du på

Hvorfor er det så svært at have en holdning

Okkult leg med tarotkort

Pyramideenergi i vand

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


A Conspiracy Theory Spreads Polio

Conspiracy theories and fighting them

Global cooling in 1970's is myth

Has Arafat been poisoned

September 11 web archive

Why be burdened by highly publicized

Danske links:

Har der været mennesker på månen

Myter om kheopspyramiden

Sammensværgelser og konspirationsteorier

Sex og sammensværgelser

Hvad tror du på

Kan vand optage pyramideenergi

Muamara i Mellemøsten

Operation X på sporet af fup og svindel

Monday, July 12, 2004


Brain Death vs. Physical Life


Coffee and cancer

Early learning leaves lasting changes

Focus on second-hand smoking

Key Facts About Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus

Manipulating our memories of food can influence our eating

Memory fails you after stress

Parents need have no fear MMR

Survival of genetic homosexual traits

Tanning is not safe

Tumbleweeds in bloodstream

Varicella-Related Deaths

Sunday, July 11, 2004

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