Sunday, March 06, 2005

This is bad science

Here at Curezone, is one of the top50 popular topic dealing with parasites cleanse support:

Divagirl has suffered with parasites and constipation for years, and she has tried Dr. Clark's herbs-just the Walnut, Wormwood, Clove stuff, Beck protocol-zap, colliodal silver, ozone water, Liver cleanses, Colonics, it did'nt really helped her. Now she need some major megadoses of something to kill these things once and for all.

Boldyloxx recommend a diet, herbal or green tea, garlic and oregano oil to kill the worms. He explains that many parasites can infect a person more easily because of the chemical reactions on our body.

And then Asadar in a similar situation: "The more I try, the worse I get. Last year I was given, and advised to take 21 days prescription; instead, I took the Clarke's remedy several times- with short lived relief. Yesterday, I finished 6 days goats milk, and papaya only. I am worse now than a week ago. Onion is quicker to relief the exhustion, but that is not the answer. The next step is three days pineapple and raw pumkin seeds; if that didn't help, prescription".

Theese people might be desperate to be cured, it's understandable. I wonder how they got here, and why they are staying and still hoping. It's obvious that Dr. Clark can't cure them, and that it's quackery. I discovered Curezone casually, it's held by Dr. Clark (alias Hulda Clark) and Dr. Schultze. Here Hulda Clark is represented by Mr. Kastberg, and their quackery was exposed in television.

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