Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Excellent skeptical websites, while you wait for the upcoming Skeptics Circle

I will give you some links that are very much on the subject of skepticism and the consequences of rejecting it.

Here's an article Mike Combs wrote in the midst of witnessing a homeopath's attempt to claim the Randi Challenge prize. No matter how different the claims may be of those who say they want to be tested by Randi, it seems they all use the same rhetoric, objections, and dodges. If you've seen one claimant, you've pretty much seen them all. His summary is titled "Anatomy of a Claimant".

This article also appeared in the February 2000 issue of The North Texas Skeptic

Mike Combs also examined a future world where the skeptics have lost. It's called "Condemned to Repeat It".

Curtis Wolf from Skeptically Thinking did an original research that he called Better Living through Sound and Light. He attended a lecture on meditation that turned out to be the New Age movement at its zaniest. Go read the interesting article and you will know why you don't need to waste a Saturday afternoon the way Curtis did.

Curtis also has previous quarterly issues. Read about how he experienced The Amazing Randi in Jacksonville!, when he gave a rousing call to arms for skeptics to fight pseudoscience and promote reason. For more information about James Randi, take a look at his website.

Skeptics Circle will be up tomorrow.

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