Thursday, June 09, 2005

Skeptico welcome you to the 10th Skeptics’ Circle

Go visit Skeptico and read all the wonderful stuff there. As expected the hottest topics this time around are critical thinking and pseudoscience, but also great writing about quackery, the paranormal, Urban Legends and historical revisionism, with a few others to round out the list.

I reported on the debate between Michael Shermer and Kent Hovind. As I don't live in the USA - it's harder to understand why somebody takes creationism seriously, but I realised they have reason to do.

And then Skeptico introduced "goddidit", - a phrase used by theists to express the idea "I don't know". It differs from the common usage of "I don't know" in that it implies that "I don't wish to find out, either."

So now I know why Skeptico think that "Goddidit" is much easier to explain. It’s not science, it’s nonsense, and it is easy to explain.

(You could also say God did it, but "how did God do it?")

Well as Skeptico wrote, one of my favourite subjects is definitely Homeopathy, because I consider Homeopathy as this century's quackery (hopefully nobody will get tired of this - except for the homeopaths). I still wonder why homeopathy remains one of the most popular complementary therapies despite the inability to reproduce the anecdotal evidence in clinical trials. If any effect on homeopathy it is quite unknown to science.

I haven't read everything yet - but I will soon - and I encourage everyone to check the 10th Skeptic's Circle out. It's a great one.

I'm really looking forward to putting the next edition together in about two weeks from now.

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