Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Skeptic's Circle Saloon is up at Annex Blog

I couldn't locate the Old-West Saloon - until I realised it had moved toward Fort Annex.

The 12th meeting couldn't be held at the old residence because of the gun-shooting last week that caused a lot of damage to the Old-West Saloon.

I showed up JIT to participate in the conversations with the cowboys at the Skeptic's Circle Saloon, -that interestingly continued all night long and turned out to be very entertaining.

It was a nice cool ride to get there and as I finally arrived at the Saloon I tried to push the door open, but it was locked. No matter how much I tried I couldn't get inside and I even used my lady gunfighter. I looked through the windows to see if anyone was there yet and then the sheriff came by and told me that it was the wrong door.

I never found the entrance to the Saloon and as I read about the excellent meeting in today’s newspaper, I realised that the meeting was held one day earlier than expected.

I guess, I will see you in two weeks at Orac's Place instead.

Brent, I hope your nice "Western Saloon" will be reestablished ASAP.

The Skeptic's Circle Saloon is a place to see how the real west was....and still is.

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