Monday, October 31, 2005

SkepticWiki - the Encyclopedia of Science and Critical Thinking

The Skepticwiki is available!

Subject Index:
Aliens and UFOs
Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Book Reviews
Frauds and Scams
History and Pseudohistory
Illusions and Delusions
Logic and Logical Fallacies
New Age
Psychic Phenomena and the Paranormal
Racism Myths
Religion and Philosophy
Science and Pseudoscience
Jargon and Slang

I often turn to Wikipedia if I want to start learn something new or get an overview of a matter. But this article got me wondering how good it is to use as a reference source. Any non-expert can make a contribution, so I wouldn't rely on it as the only resource for important work. Wikipedia could still be my first, but not the last.

See who links to your web site.