Saturday, June 11, 2005

Kylie Minogue's alternative cancer therapies

Kylie Minogue has turned to alternative therapies to help her beat breast cancer, it says here.

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Well, she can afford paying someone to give her "the good feeling of placebo".

But it's rather annoying to see all these quacks taking money from people by claiming medical benefits which simply don't exist.

They should honestly say: I'm offering you something relaxing to occupy you while the medicine does its work.

Some would say that it's fine that she is using CAM in addition to standard treatment if it helps ease her mind.

I think it's sad that Kylie had the problem in the first place, but more sad that she gives credit to ridiculous "therapies".

Turning to alternative cancer therapies she gives a message to other ignorant who cannot afford it.

And then the real cure gets erased from the picture.

In a few year uncritical reporters will be talking of Kylie (or Olivia Newton John) and how she used "bio-energy healing" to overcome her disease.

Some would say it is good to try to keep a positive mind when going through this.

Studies (Optimism No Help In Surviving Lung Cancer) have shown that this stuff about people doing worse if they have a depressed or angry attitude during cancer therapy isn't true. Blaming people because they haven't managed to keep a cheerful front going, and imply that's why they died - is wrong.

The "positive attitude" thing is one of the classic excuses used by sCAMmers: if you don't get better, it's your own fault for not having a positive attitude.

At least she has sense enough to do the alternative in addition to standard treatment, and not instead of.

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