Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Discovering new blogs and websites

Over the last few months, I've discovered both good and bad things of the blogosphere.

Here is someone that I like and; Universalacid about biology, science, politics, society, and the intersections between those areas, respectfulofotters about politics, HIV, health care, psychology, baseball, feminism and so on, blacktriangle about vaccines, medical error, quackery, herbals amongst others and then law evolution science and junk science, a weblog exploring intelligent design, other pseudo sciences, junk science and the abuse of science in law, generally. And not to forget, the blogs I have added in my sidebar.

Blogs that I like offer something new, they write for a reason and about things that matter, they are quality material not just killing time. There might be many details and rather telling a story than offering a simple list of facts.

I also like blogs to be written often, but not necessarily long.

See who links to your web site.