Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Unfounded health scares, facts against fears

ACSH publish unfounded health scares, based on questionable, hypothetical, or even nonexistent scientific evidence.

This report summarizes some of the most noteworthy scares according to ACSH:

01) Pediatric Vaccines and Autism
02) PCBs in Salmon and Cancer
03) Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors
04) Nightlights and Leukemia
05) Chemicals in Cosmetics
06) Mercury in Seafood Causes Neurological Problems in Humans
07) Cheeseburgers and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
08) Antibiotics Cause Breast Cancer
09) Teflon Causes Health Problems in Humans
10) Soda Causes Esophageal Cancer
11) Dishonorable Mention
12) Deodorants, Antiperspirants Cause Breast Cancer
13) Plastics Cause Cancer

The purpose of this roundup of unfounded health scares is to encourage consumers to be skeptical the next time a report publish the discovery of new chemical threat or miracle cure.

Common sense is still popular.

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