Saturday, April 16, 2005

Open Minded...or Mindless?

Open-mindedness should mean you have the ability and are willing to examine ideas and issues without prejudice in order to form an opinion and to re-examine your opinion in light of new evidence.

It does not mean you must be a garbage can for what someone wants to pour into your brain.

Being skeptical and discussing complementary medicine, ghost or spirit, - you often are accused not to be open-minded enough.

You don't have the acknowledgment outside rationality, because it's only the chosen people that can experience that. It cannot be discussed with rational argues, because it's a revelation.

But it is behind common sense and rationality answering back with you aren’t open-minded enough. It only stress that we talk of believing, not knowing. True believers tend to care less about the truth; the good feeling is what counts. Reasonable objections and doubts are met with suspicion and disconfirming evidence is something the believers "open minds" cannot easily cope with.

Being open minded is usually associated with good things - like being fair, unbiased, receptive, tolerant, and so on contrary to be closed-minded. Open-mindedness can also be a negative trait, -there are limits. Someone totally open minded is considered naive.

If you enough time have the same bad experience, then it is foolish to continue being open-minded about the same experience.

Using an example for emphasis sake (from real life) from the Liver Flush Support Forum (Curezone):

Message 1: The epsom salt successfully gave me severe diarrhea, but I didn't pass any stones.
Message 2: How many flushes have you done? It took me like 6 before I got any stones out- and about 4 or 5 before I even saw anything!
Message 3: Have you tried doing the parasite cleanse first. What was your reason for doing the flushing in the first place?
Message 4: hi, it took me over a dozen flushes to realize.

This is open-mindedness to the extreme (I will call it foolish).

And to point out;
It is just as important to be a critic as it is to be open-minded.
Separately both parts become foolish.

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