Saturday, May 28, 2005

How long will it take to become a (un)qualified homeopath?

Skeptics Circle
Homeopaths take 8 years to qualify for the job as a Homeopath in Pakistan. Two to four years in BHMS course in India. Three years of course in Malaysia. Two years to four years in UK. It takes just 5 days to become a qualified homeopath in the U.S.

Just 5 days and you're every bit as justified in calling yourself a homeopath in America as a Pakistani with eight years of "education". At $199 I'd say it's overpriced.

If you visit this fairly well known "paper degree" site you can also get bachelors in just about anything. It also does not need any "real life experience" to correspond to the degree. It is just as easy on THAT SITE to get a degree in Computer Science (5 days, shipping time) as it is for Homeopathy. There isn't any "classes" or "training" or "books.

The point you were perhaps trying to make is there isn't an official certification for Homeopathy?

Though, I am sure there is "real" (LOL) classes somewhere...

In spite of this easy approach - practicing homeopathy must be licensed by the state homeopathic licensing board, and licensure appears to vary from state to state. Then what are the penalties for practicing homeopathy without being properly registered? It strikes me that "basic medical science" is required to practice homeopathy, when basic medical science tells us that homeopathy is unmitigated nonsense. Has anyone ever been prosecuted for practicing homeopathy without proper credentials?

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