Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What is worth knowing about the Chiropractic profession?

I am interested in understanding the nature of chiropractic.

Doing a few searches on the web to see what kind of evidence the Internet has to offer for the sake of chiropractic, I found several interesting links about chiropractic:

Confession of a Quackbuster describes here how the founder of chiropractic D.D. Palmer, considered his creation a religion. His conclusion is that chiropractic is a true religion masquerading as a science, and reading this excellent links I must agree:

D.D. Palmer's Religion of Chiropractic - D.D. Palmer, DC

This letter clearly shows that D.D. Palmer considered Chiropractic a religion.

Chiropractic Health Care: Science or Religion? - David Mills

David Mills mention the misconception about chiropractors that they are "medical doctors" specializing in diseases and treatment of the spine. The general public uncritically accepts their credentials as equivalent to an M.D., but factually many chiropractors practicing today are not even college graduates.

He also argues and explains why Chiropractic is a Pseudoscience, I will only mention few of them, but recommend you to read the whole article:

The chiropractic theory of disease was "discovered" by Daniel David Palmer who claimed that his hands were magnetic.

Chiropractors claim to be practitioners of the scientific method and members of the professional scientific community. But no article has ever been published in a peer-reviewed scientific or medical journal substantiating the chiropractic theory of disease. Publication and peer-review are the scientific method.

Since chiropractors are forbidden by law to prescribe medicines, they hawk all forms of potions and elixirs. Such tablets as "Spine Align" and "Nutra-Disc" are sold routinely in chiropractic offices.

Chiropractic Ethics - Professional Religion - Linda S. Elyad, DC

Linda S. Elyad, DC wrote: Chiropractic philosophy is the part of chiropractic that is actually our own special religion.

And we have more here:

The following link is to the Palmer College student newspaper (The Beacon)
and this is the winning essay on Innate Intelligence, it came up with this explanation:

By definition, innate intelligence is the indecipherable process in which the human body engages with the forces of the universe to promote healing, restore balance and achieve health. Innate intelligence does not think or doubt as we, humans, tend to do. Innate intelligence constantly and silently creates and organizes. Its creation, eternal by nature, takes the body out of confusion and havoc. Its creation is healing, strength and harmony in the body. As we ask for answers in our thirst for knowledge, the meaning of innate intelligence unfolds mysteriously.

And another one in the same issue of The Beacon: ChiropracTIC PhilosoPHY describes that ChiropracTIC’s first principle is that there is a Universal Intelligence. Some people may call it God and others are scared of this word.

It also seems that Scientology is deeply entrenched in the Chiropractic profession especially in the practice management side of the business. If you want more on Scientology go to http://www.xenu.net. Lower level members in Scientology don't know about Xenu and the space aliens that they say control people and need to be audited out. Prior to this they are led to believe that auditing is a psychological procedure like counselling.

So what is worth knowing about the Chiropractic profession: Chiropractic is based on the philosophy of innate intelligence. They use homeopathic remedies, they believe that the body engages with the forces of the universe to promote healing and Scientology is deeply entrenched in the Chiropractic profession.

More good information here:

Dangers of alternative medicine

Chiropractic: A Skeptical View

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