Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Common believed nutrition Quackery

Over at there's an article from July 11 about how to Avoid nutrition quackery.

They mention some of the common believed nutrition quackery that promotes false cures and remedies.

Believing in nutrition quackery may be expensive and in worst case they could be harmful to you health.

The myths are:

1. THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE BLOOD CHOLESTEROL IS NOT TO EAT EGGS. Eliminating eggs will not automatically reduce blood cholesterol. Reducing the amount of dietary fats and saturated fats has a more significant effect on blood cholesterol levels.

2. FOR WEIGHT LOSS, ONLY EAT FOODS LABELED LOW-FAT OR FAT-FREE. Fat-free and low-fat foods may contain high amounts of sugar and calories. Remember, fat free doesn’t mean calorie free, and in weight loss calories count, too.

3. SALT RAISES HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. For people with high blood pressure, reducing salt intake may lower blood pressure, but studies have shown other factors may play a more significant role in blood pressure control. Losing weight, exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables for the magnesium and potassium and eating low-fat dairy products for the calcium can help manage blood pressure.

4. SUGAR CAUSES OBESITY. Obesity is usually a result of excess calorie intake and too little physical activity. Sugar can contribute to the problem, but it alone does not cause it.

5. BUTTER CONTAINS MORE FAT THAN MARGARINE. Butter and margarine contain equal amounts of fat and calories per tablespoon. The difference is butter contains cholesterol and more saturated fat.

6. VITAMIN C PREVENTS THE COMMON COLD. Vitamin C supplements will not prevent a cold. It may reduce the severity of the cold symptoms.
The egg myths are several. What about that white eggs are less healthy than brown ones. Most people assume that eggs from hens eating greens are healthiest because they feel more comfortable with the thought.

The salt debate is running high. Salt is what makes our food taste good and we can't avoid it as it's in all processed foods. But no scientific research has been able to conclude that salt is the only cause of high blood pressure.

I've often heard people saying that eating a mega-dose a Vitamin C should prevent colds and reduce their severity. In this article from Quackwatch called "Vitamin C: Do High Doses Prevent Colds?" - they conclude "If you choose to supplement when a cold strikes, there is no reason to take more than 250 mg per day". If you "have" to eat ascorbic acid you might just as well drink some fruit juices.

Creating a myth is done to help oneself understand what might be going on. They are preserved by skilled story tellers and delivered to the younger through oral communication.

The power of the myth arises when it's believed and deeply held as true.

Don't believe everything that is said....

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