Thursday, July 21, 2005

Will that Rife Machine 2005 Plus Model G designed by Royal Rife do any good to your health???

I've been cached over at Alternative Healing - a website called the best Hulda Clark information available - as one of their located Hulda Clark possibilities.

A long time ago I wrote a piece about parasites, Hulda Clark and Michael Kastberg. I find it kind of amusing that I am listed there amongst all their quacky links - I wrote it in Danish - but what do computers know about language - nothing apparently....

They also cached my entry about Kylie Minogue's alternative cancer therapies (no. 47 on their list).

It took me a little while to find the link, so I decided to look around and see what else to discover:

That brought me to the "Rife Machine 2005 Plus Model G designed by Royal Rife" - it sounds like a car don't you think? - But it's NOT.

It's a microscope designed by Royal Rife who claimed that he could electronically destroy and kill pathogenic micro organisms with it.

Rife asserted that using natural light sources and powerful magnification, he could see bacterium change over the course of their life. He believed that bacterium goes through 4 phases before they become what he identified as a cancer bacterium.

Rife didn't come up with any evidence and no one since then has been able to see those bacteria. Obviously it hasn't prevented any number of quacks from providing their own versions of what this Rife device is able to do. Claiming to blow up bacteria and viruses like Hulda Clark and several others claim to do is medical fraud. Is this method useful for cheating death?

Many, many alternative cures are based on the belief that diseases like cancer are caused by parasites. And if you kill the parasites, you'll also stop the disease.

Here's an edited version of a speech given by Peter Bowditch about Quackery and the statement from Hulda Clark, that both Diabetes and Cancer can be cured. Follow the theories of Hulda Clark, Royal Rife and Robert Beck - use the Zapper, the Magnetic Pulser, the Brain Tuner, they are all devices using electricity, sound and magnetism and if you are really, really lucky you can cure cancer and AIDS by using them. Or get back to reality.

I would like to request some evidence........

See who links to your web site.