Saturday, November 05, 2005

Interview With Kevin Trudeau

This interview with Kevin Trudeau stress that Trudeau's book is based only on his opinions. He is a non-expert and a sales representative with no medical skills.

From the interview with Kevin Trudeau:

ZAHN (voice-over): Ironically, Trudeau says its his lack of medical training that allows him to reveal these natural cures, cures some readers say aren't actually in the book.

(on camera): But, Kevin, even you have to concede you haven't won a legion of fans.

Let me read to you something a reader, Christina Miller (ph), had to say about your book.


ZAHN: She contacted the FTC to say -- quote -- "I recently purchased the book and feel like the whole thing is a huge scam. The book has vague information urging the reader to join the Web site for a fee for specific information. However, when you join the Web site, after you give your credit card info and your order is processed, then you get the disclaimer stating brand names cannot be mentioned, as promised. Also, the things that are promised upon joining are not available."

TRUDEAU: One person.

ZAHN: Well, I got a whole bunch of them.

TRUDEAU: Now, hold on.

ZAHN: Respond specifically to what...


ZAHN: ... Christina Miller (ph) is saying.

TRUDEAU: Let's -- let's not mislead the public, Paula. Don't mislead the public. Three million people bought this book. The majority, overwhelming majority, of people that read my book are writing me letters by the tens of the thousands, thanking me.

ZAHN: What you're saying, I'm sure, is true. But there are enough of these letters, that we have been given copies of it. I just want you to respond to specific criticism that these people feel hoodwinked, that, once they pay a fee...


ZAHN: ... to get on the Web site, they don't feel that the information that you promise in the book is there for the taking.

TRUDEAU: How do you respond to the criticism from somebody who goes to the movies, sees an Academy Award-winning picture, and says, unwatchable? How do you respond to that?

ZAHN: But it's not a question of people saying that they don't like what they read. They don't think the information you have promised...

TRUDEAU: No. You're misleading...

ZAHN: ... in the book is there.

TRUDEAU: You're misleading people. The majority of people, Paula, believe that the information I promise is in the book.

ZAHN (voice-over): On Internet book-seller, "Natural Cures" averages two-and-a-half stars out of five in reader reviews, with some readers satisfied, others, clearly not.
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