Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well known chiropractic problems

Chiropractic is widely accepted by the government, and it isn't hard to see why people would confuse chiropractors with MDs and why people wouldn't even realize there is a controversy.

The problem is that Chiropractic medicine as a whole makes unsubstantiated claims and they are still unproven.

It is demonstrated with X-rays, that subluxation is a fantasy.

The only problem is that most subluxations that are claimed to exist by chiropractic analysis can not be found when examined by radiologists or other chiropractors. In blinded studies chiropractors have not been able to find subluxations claimed by other chiropractors.
Source: XRays (Inappropriate Use)

There is no known benefit for a chiropractor cracking a person's neck, and it is known to cause occasional stroke.

Everyone who wants to be a chiropractor learns that rubbing one part of the body can cure diseases and disorders elsewhere in the body. The claim is that all body organs are controlled through the spinal column, but then explain to me how transplanted organs work well without nerve connections to the host?

Of course, a chiropractor can make your back feel better, but do not let the temptation of a good back rub lure you into supporting the chiropractic educational and billings systems.

It strikes me that if you doubt about a chiropractor it probably get people more upset than doubting of their God.

I doubt about this chiropractor.

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