Sunday, November 20, 2005

The kids decided not to teach Intelligent Design in U.S. Schools

I found this unintelligent piece over at fantasy world – the author George Konig predicts science will remove from the schools within ten years. He does not mention any names of the scientists who have given up and any reasonable person would consider his claim to be nonsense.

I propose his article to be something like this (short version):

The kids decided not to teach Intelligent Design in U.S. Schools

There are several excellent articles on Evolution and Intelligent Design to mention like evidence for evolution and Survival Of The Flimsiest.

Most creationists’ and believers of ID have already given up on the hypothesis of Intelligent Design because of lack of proof. Researchers did not know what to look for, and because the hypothesis was not testable, they made no research published ever.

They finally had to accept evolution as a fact because of scientific findings in the last twenty years and because of evidence for historical evolution like genetic, fossils, anatomical etc.

Due to the unwillingness of religious people in the education field to accept Evolution - for their own personal reasons - the debate have and will continue until the court in Pennsylvania put and end to all the nonsense.

In fact, many people of faith accept evolution as the scientific explanation for biodiversity.

End of article!

Proponents say Intelligent Design provides scientific answers for gaps and inconsistencies in the theory of evolution. They think an unnamed "designer" or "Goddidit" fills in the "gaps" and "problems" in Darwin’s Theory of evolution.

However, problem with science has always been that a new discovery will lead to thousands of new questions.

With Intelligent Design, we do not need to find out and we could stop learning.

On the other hand, we could accept that "Science is hard."

The scientific community will not accept teaching pseudoscience in schools, and they will fight back unintelligent arguments like Goddidit with reasonable arguments, I think.

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