Sunday, December 05, 2004

The occultism is a kind of religion,

that claims to be available to make people a master of their own life.

The occult thinks that people can connect to another reality, that can be visible and controlled by man, - if you can reach a kind of higher consciousness. The purpose is to keep check on life and death.

Is it possible to reach the divine?
A lot of people has been tricked to believe, that you can reach the divine. It is starting by reading books about the subjects. They are mislead to believe that they can control the world by the power of thinking. They believe so strongly and think, there must be more. They report themself to a course, and one more and one more.......

Has misery anything to do with occultism?
When theese people are suffering, they think they have deserved it. They think it's because they have to learn something.

Is it possible to do this in one life?
It's very smart, because it takes several life to reach the divine, but how many - does anyone know? Still hoping to reach the divine a lot of people have spent all their money.

Is occultism related to New Age?
New Age claims that people develop themself so much, that they will reach a level of the divine, and the consequence is that hunger, sickness and suffering can be defeated. So in many ways occultism is related to New Age.

Occultism has nothing to do with real life, it's only magic and dreaming. Nothing else.

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