Saturday, March 26, 2005

It has been a little quiet around here since the last skeptics circle

(and my contribution to the Medical Grand Rounds).

To fill up the gap I'll present some saturday links (I got the idea from the two percent compagni).

I recommend you to study these items of interest:

Respectfull insolence response to the "Herbinator"

The herbal "healer" named J. Mark Taylor who somehow found Orac's blog left a sarcastic comment, and Orac made an excellent message.

Mr. Taylor seems to be an typical altie, defined here.

Saint Nate's suggestion of an altie is amongst others "If you say your healer "is too busy people making people healthy" to conduct evidence-based trials but have never met a single person helped by them, you might be an altie", this one might fit in here.

The "Herbinator" hasn't made any comments so far.

He was sarcastic on my blog too, accusing me of being a holocost denial (I really don’t see the connextion??) and other nasty comments, that is not to be mentioned.

Skeptico explains "what can your psi do"

Psi (pronounced sigh) is a term commonly used by parapsychologists to refer to both ESP and psychokinesis taken together, definition is here.

Skeptico's conclusion: In fact, no use that I can think of has ever been made of “psychic” data. The obvious conclusion is that psi is not a weak signal, it is no signal. If you’re a real scientist, anyway. Not if you’re a parapsychologist.

(I'll do more study on this one).

Psi is also a character on the popular game and television series, Pokémon (if you have kids, you might know)

When it comes to biology Pharyngula is writing about "Tyrannosaur morsels"

Pharyngula throw new light on well-preserved soft tissues, that have been found deep within the bones of a T. rex, and also within some hadrosaur fossils. It has been reported in Science this week. Great pictures.

I wonder why are we so thrilled about those gorgeous animals?

Chris Clarke from Creek Running North recommends Niches blog here.

I agree, it is indeed a beeeyoutiful blog with great pictures.

Though I dislike snakes and I would be scared to hold such beast.

Then I have added some new links to my sidebar, only to mention few of them:

Bandolier (evidence based thinking about healthcare) is a web site whom intend to gather the best evidence available about complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) for sufferers and professionals.

Another one is Dr. Bratman, a nationally regarded expert in the field of alternative medicine. His perspective is objective, unbiased, and grounded in encyclopedic knowledge of the field. He once took alternative medicine on faith, but then he learned about double-blind studies and became a skeptic.

Soon I'll have to organize my sidebars,

See who links to your web site.