Friday, March 11, 2005

Waterrelated pseudoscience, fantasy and quackery, be amused

If you need evidence that the world will believe anything, then take a look click on the Scalarwave Structured Water and be amused! It's a miracle if anyone could take this seriously...

Home of scalarwave technology claim that children with various learning disabilities need their right brain functions to be stimulated, -with energy medicine in other words structured water.

Here is what the water can do (*LOL*):

My first experience of drinking the children’s formula was that somehow in an inexplicable way my childlike joy---a human birthright---was returned to me. It is a tremendous gift. I did not realize that I had lost this joy. I was standing in line at Starbucks when I saw a child dancing and twirling in ecstasy. I realized that this was precisely the inner experience that I was having. I also realized that the other adults did not even notice the child’s precious expression of joy until I directed their attention towards noticing. It was as though they were disconnected from the child’s effervescent expression of joy. I also found myself making up a song and singing out loud much to the amusement of the people who were fixing my latte. We all became amused as this creative expression and outburst was completely spontaneous. I had taken an event and a problem and turned it into a song. Fortunately they knew me quite well and shared my laughter and joy.

They have made a "bio-impedance test", they have testimonials, brain pictures and long descriptions about the structure of water and cells, -it's sounds really scientific.

This links has nearly anything about water cluster pseudoscience.

The topic reminds me of the classic fairy tale "the emperor's new clothes" written by H.C.Andersen.

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