Sunday, April 17, 2005

Randi’s money

Sylvia agreed to the suggested protocol for a definitive test of her claimed powers, for the JREF million-dollar prize.

The number of days that have passed since she accepted goes up day by day.

Psychic's don't get their power for things that benefit themselve. In other words, if that million was going to charity, and it was up to her to get it there, she would take up this challenge. Then why doesn't she take the challenge? What (outside of the fact that she's a liar and fraud) is keeping her from winning the challenge on those terms? And what would there be to prevent Sylvia (or any other psychic) from handing the money over to a charity immediately upon receiving it?

Psychic power is only testable when love is the motive. Otherwise it fails. Does love of money count? Is this a 100% applies-to-everyone rule or is it just a general principle? Can we assume that anyone who has made money out of their super-psychic powers is a fraud or is that just a good guess? I'm pretty sure Sylvia loves money.

Sylvia Browne stated on George Noory's Coast To Coast that the JREF does not really have the $1,000,000 to award a successful challenger that proves a genuine paranormal power under controlled circumstances, even though it has been repeatedly told that the money is being held in trust by the financial planning firm of Goldman, Sachs, and Co. Why doesn't she contact Goldman-Sachs and ask them?

Science has tested psychis claims for over one hundred years and have found nothing.

I'll make a prediction for 2005: Sylvia Browne will continue to refuse to honour her statement that she would accept the JREF challenge.

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