Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Taking on the anti-fluoridators

The evidence is overwhelming that fluoridation of drinking water is both safe and effective in preventing tooth decay. Floride is not linked to cancer and thyroid disease. There is no scientific proof to that and it's intentionally misleading to claim so.

In Fort Collins, Colorado, this month, the anti-fluoridation forces suffered a crushing defeat.

Though both the city council and a city-appointed task force had approved continued fluoridation, a successful petition drive by a group called the Fort Collins Clean Water Advocates placed on the ballot a proposition to halt the practice. The group was led by a "nutritionist" who, among other practices, prescribes detoxifying foot baths for her clients, and included a high number of acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, nurses and other devotees of alternative medicine—as well as some outright quacks.

But the pro-fluoridation forces were ready to take on the anti-flouridators, some 250 dental and health professionals were mobilized and encouraged to speak out and inform their patients about the benefit of fluoride in their water. Colorado's entire Congressional delegation in Washington was approached and all agreed to endorse fluoridation. This is a victory for the people of Fort Collins and demonstrates that they were able to look past pseudoscience, quackery and scare tactics

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