Friday, April 29, 2005

Would you like to extend your lifespan?

Some people believe their life can be extended by the water they drink, the minerals they consume, certain foods they eat, their non-toxic environment, or stress-free life. I am trying to figure out my life expectancy.

It seems that anti-aging medicine is a multi-billion dollar industry. Customers are attracted to untested remedies by terms like "virtual immortality" an "an ageless society". False claims and bogus remedies for treating old age as if it were disease are flooding all over the internet.

I will give you several examples: Yogurt cures, enema regimens, live-cell injections, skin creams, herbal elixirs, hormonal therapies, caloric restriction, unique water and vitamin supplements, all claiming to combat aging.

Drink Himalayan Fruit Juices and be more than 100 years

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This web site claims that they have the most powerful anti-aging food with a life expectancy of more than 100 years. Something is telling me that this is a quack trying to sell me something. If I made a revolution with the possibility to earn millions of dollars I wouldn't need to ask anyone to recommend the product to others and paying them. To me it looks like a smooth drinks or something.

Energized water for your body

An Energy Mug to energize your water in 1-2 minutes...I doubt that even the makers would fully believe their claim of transferring positive information to your drinks. Does anyone really believe that Unique Water can add 25-30 years to a person's lifespan? They claim that water has memory; there is no scientific evidence that water can be "energized", re-structured, or otherwise altered by filters or external forces. This is pseudoscience.

Longevity - Live to 140 Years of Age in Good Health

(I guess this doesn't apply to those of us who have already reached adulthood)

Most scientists agree that the maximum human life span seems to be about 120 years of age. In fact the longest well-documented human life span is that of madame Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122.

Live to 160 years old, then only the worms are back:

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For thousands of years, people believed the sun was a god, or that earth was flat. Neither case was true.

The makers of antiaging products may believe in the power of the mixture, but that does not make their claims true. But I doubt that even the makers would fully believe their claim of extending life by 30-40% by drinking unique water or himalayan fruit juice.

Individuals are continuing to be victimized by promises of extended youth or increased longevity by using unproven methods that allegedly slow, stop or reverse aging. There are no lifestyle changes, surgical procedures, vitamins, antioxidants, hormones or techniques of genetic engineering available today that have been demonstrated to influence the processes of aging.

We simply have to accept that aging is the greatest risk factor for the leading causes of death and other age-related pathologies. Our human bodies wear out over time and are manifested as wrinkled skin, weakened bones and nagging physical complaints. The wasting that comes with age is a result of critical cells losing their gift for making perfect copies of themselves resulting in a breakdown in different parts of the body.

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