Monday, August 22, 2005

Anne's Anti-Quackery & Science Magazine

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It’s my first edition, so please don’t be too hard on the design.....

Look inside and read about:

A real shock if you think chiropractic is safe
Chiropractic and spinal manipulation is considered to be totally safe, but a serious side effect is stroke.

The Chiropractic War on Public Health
About the chiropractic anti-vaccination movement and how chiros are getting more patients by joining the anti-vaccination lecture circuit.

Homeopathic arguments are like diluted water
Homeopaths have come up with quite a few arguments that homeopathic works. Almost all homeopaths have the "I have seen it work" argument as the foundation of their belief in homeopathy.

What is the paranormal in homeopathy
If there is an effect of homeopathy, then it's quite unknown to science.

Prince Charles and Quackery
The Prince's opinion should carry no weight at all and he should have been given the same reception as Tom Cruise received when expressing his views about Psychiatry and Science.

Uncritical piece on Adam Dreamhealer
Most people with a little sense of critical thinking would shake their heads.

Battle between Science and Quackery
Hulda Clark, the number one quack in Canadian Quack Watch and her assistent Tim Bolen fights science with quackery

Smart people believe weird things, they do
Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for no smart reasons (said by Michael Shermer).

The 11th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle
The hottest topics about quackery and especially anti-vaccinationism, creationism, other pseudoscience, religion, history, and a few others to round out the list.

Excellent Scientology information is fighting against The Church of Scientology

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