Monday, August 01, 2005

The most stupid thing said about science....

Ben Goldacre from The Guardian has encouraged anyone to "Answer the question" and so they did:

• Last week I asked: what's the most stupid thing anyone has said to you about science at a party? And it would seem that the great British sport of moron-baiting is more popular than ever. Lots of you encountered philosophers. Guy Davidson was told that "science doesn't tell you about the real world, only an ideal version of it". Yup. Well, light still travels faster than sound no matter how you look at it. Balthazar Florentin-Lee met someone who told him his discussion was flawed because it was "based only on logic" and someone whose email I lost got: "Logic isn't real, you can prove anything you want with logic. It's meaningless." Edwin Whiting was told that "science is how the devil perverts God's will" (bravo!), and the popular idea that "science is a way of life you choose just like religion" (via Yaniv Chen) perhaps explains why party philosophers then moved on to "not everything is scientific" (via Heather Bayley) and "science can't tell us everything" (via Conor McGeown). We never said it could.
When stupid things are said about Science it possibly could be because of ignorance. Different categories of ignorance vary from pure ignorance to someone that shouldn't be ignorant. Pure ignorance could by example be people not believing in evolution because plenty of people have told them that evolution is against their religion. And nobody had ever told them what evolution really is.

This peace was written at the Guardian and it was probably checked by educated people and they shouldn't be ignorant. When educated people don't know that the number of primes is infinite it is annoying. The used software has been limited to a 10m-digit prime, but that doesn't mean the longest prime number has been discovered.

People operating from faith rather than using data, accepted models, logic and reason will come up with stupid things too. They start with a theory and then reject the experimental evidence if it disagrees with their theory.

Ignorance can be repaired and it is no crime, faith has nothing to do with science - it's religion. Continue reading the article...

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