Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kevin Trudeau's book is still on Best-Seller lists

Kevin Trudeau has made a long-running career as sales representative for memory products and homeopathic cancer remedies. He turned a book containing such claims as deodorants cause breast cancer and magnetic toe rings reverse the aging process into one of the biggest bestsellers of the year.

Kevin Trudeau's top bestseller might have you looking for a rip tide to throw it into. Worried about too much sun? "The sun does not cause skin cancer, sun screens do." This sort of logic is on every page. "Scientists in secret laboratories are developing chemicals that are added to our food, but not included on the label." These "secret poisonous chemicals" are specifically designed to make people hungry so they buy more food, make them fat because fat people eat more, addict them to the product and cause disease. The food industry, the drug companies, the government, and the scientists are in cahoots to keep you sick and profits up. What's the evidence? Kevin Trudeau doesn't do "evidence." A 42 year-old ex-convict and infomercial guru, he preys on the most vulnerable among us, the sick and elderly. The FTC fined him $2 million and barred him from selling products with infomercials - except for his book. He wears his convictions like badges of honor - proof that the establishment is trying to silence him.
Kevin Trudeau's criminal past includes a credit card fraud conviction for which he has already spent some time in prison. He has been banned from television by the Federal Trade Commission and he was taken to court by FTC who tried to prevent his Shop America firm from selling the "Coral Calcium" supplement.

Nevertheless, neither jail nor discredited products seem to stop Kevin Trudeau from misleading consumers.

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