Friday, September 02, 2005

Dr. Buttar and his skin cream

I have seen Dr. Buttar mentioned several places on the net, but I didn't know about him until lately. I made a Google on him and found he has a skin cream that he uses to treat autism.

Visiting this web-page I found that he is one of the speakers together with David Kirby (the author of "Evidence of harm") at the 5th casd autism medical conference held in Houston 9/3,4/2005.

DR. RASHID BUTTAR, D.O. - Dr. Buttar is going to address about the safety and effectiveness of TD-DMPS vs. other Chelation methods. Dr. Buttar will announce physician's treatment statement!
Dr. Butter doesn't provide any evidence at his webpage, except from testimonials - I consider them to be anecdotal. If DMPS is not able to pass through skin then it will not damage anyone like chelation in general, which can be deadly.

Therefore, Autism is the result of thimerisol in vaccinations (no study proved this). Then if Autism isn't caused by vaccinations, it could be due to pasteuerized milk or eventually aspartame. If it isn't none of the above then autism could be caused by absence of skin cream. Fortunately, Dr. Buttar figured that out and now offers skin cream. I have no idea, why skin cream would cure autism.

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