Thursday, September 15, 2005

New York Ad agency

This piece was written by Tim Bolen:

University of Virginia "Drug Whores" attack Echinacea...

I had a good laugh this last week. The University of Virginia Medical School showed the world how easy it is for "Big Pharma" to buy the appearance of science, from a University, with their so-called "Echinacea study."

Then the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) ran a pompous editorial on the subject by one of the best known, and laughable, CRACKPOTS in the US, Wallace Sampson MD.

Then the New York Ad agency (the one that runs the "quackbusters" ), sent out, to every media outlet in the US and Canada the story that "Echinacea had been discredited."
I think that one, or more, American manufacturers of Echinacea will be raided by the FDA - with guns drawn - and the whole "raid" will be covered on TV network news. The story will be run for at least three days. The owners, and employees, of the companies will be dragged out in chains from their offices, and "child pornography" and "automatic weapons" will be found in someone's home - just to set the "tone" of the story in the people of America's mind.
The whole story can be found here.

I haven't heard of the New York Ad agency earlier, so I made a google search on the subject to learn more.

All the articles about New York Ad agency which I found was written by Tim Bolen, who compares himself to Dwight Eisenhower:
I'm a strategist, and a tactician like Dwight David Eisenhower. "Ike," as he was popularly known devised and executed the plan to take back Europe from the Nazis, and shut them down, for all time. I devise and execute plans to take back health care from Big Pharma, and its minions. Like "Ike," I play to win.

Sepp Hasslberger seems to be fighting against the New York Ad agency too.

It seems that Tim Bolen often talk about the New York Ad agency and maybe he's right about it:

This letter OFFLIST and 4YEO written to Peter:

I'm somewhat worried about this one. What happens if Ron Law and Tim Bolen (or, god forbid, pests like Judith Alta, Ilena Rose, and Betty Martini) find out? Bolen always talks about the "New York ad agency". I was certain I could call his bluff on that one, because he simply *couldn't* know about our real connections with "Big Pharma".....but now I'm beginning to worry. Maybe he does have some proof! If Icke knows about QBOTI, then he's got connections in the NCAHF. I don't see any other way it could happen. Have you covered your tracks well? I live as usual, so no one would suspect that my monthly paycheck is padding a rather large bank account....;-) Even my wife has no idea. (This email gets deleted from my PC as soon as it's sent.)
I didn't find any evidence to proof the existence of the New York Ad agency.

I've got the impression that it's all opinion and conspiracy in the battle between Science and Quackery.

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