Sunday, November 14, 2004

Chiropractic neck manipulation

Woman paralyzed by chiropractic neck manipulation:

"Six years ago Diane Rodrigue, 36, lay in the intensive care ward of the Sudbury General Hospital attached to a ventilator.

She couldn't breath, couldn't move and couldn't talk. But she could listen. She could listen as doctor after doctor told her she had been paralyzed by a stroke she suffered after a chiropractic neck manipulation."

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Chiropractic patient suffers stroke:

"Watching Kim Barton, 40, talk to you in the living room of her Grimsby, Ontario home you wouldn't suspect she was the victim of a stroke.

Kim's life changed in early October, 1996. She had just given birth to her second daughter. One night she was awakened by a pounding headache. Years earlier she had gone to a chiropractor for treatment after an inmate struck her. "I was a believer," she says. The chiropractor had helped her so, with a throbbing headache, she went visited him again in Stoney Creek."

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More skeptic information about chiropractic

I have tried chiropractic neck manipulation once, and it affected me so much, that I fainted. My neck is no longer available for chiropractic treatments and experimentations. I care about my health and I simply can't trust chiropractic treatments.

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