Wednesday, October 27, 2004

About having false hopes

Hope is a product of feeling more confidence than distrust in world. Hope is the first experience that a child is given; I feel hope, I can be and I can trust you. All people have hopes and dreams through their life. Something becomes reality and something does not. We are all going to die, but it is hard to perceive that time is near.

There is รก market for selling false hopes. People having cancer and people without prospect of being cured are buying hope based on faith. They are buying hopes from quacks, healers, homoeopaths, parasite treatments (Hulda Clark, Kastberg (Danish) m.fl.)and others.

These dying people have confindence in the alternative world. They have not been heard or taking seriously by their own doctors and they are ready to anything. These quacks give people sentenced to death unrealistic hope and empty it for a considerable amount of money. The family stands alone with the economic problems and their great sorrow of loosing a dear member of family.

Often those quacks abuse titles. They very much want to lean on science even though they are distancing til medical association. You can buy any titel with diploma on mail order. In some clinics of quacks the diplomas is decorating the walls and leaving the impressions that the quacks are a scientist with marks of honour from the university. If you cant value the diplomas and education you will think, this person are much more educated than your own practising medical health care doctor.

People even think that alternative medicin is harmloss. People are being ordered poisoned drugs and they feel they have been diagnoticatet by the quacks, so what happens, they wait to long to go too their own doctor. Some quacks even advise their patients to avoid ordinary medicine. It can be fatal in some situations. A lot of seriously ill and dying people are being disposed for very problematic alternatives to health science treatments throug even experimence.

People sentenced to death are in deep distress, trouble and desperation, it needs protection because in that situation you cant manage skepticism and you are willing to try anything hoping that it will help you. I talk about patients in their last period of life, they are suffering, and they use their last days to be fupped.

The family and the sick person are aware of their decision, they have decided themselves what to do, and accept as the last issue in their life that they have been wrong. They are a shamed that they have been fupped, you dont hear a lot of people who have been fupped.

I think its problematic that quacks are abusing the fear of death and by that account obtain economic gains. This issue is about the respect and desense, you should show to the dying people. Anything else is wrong. Many people are being caught into the alternative world.

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