Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wear the Lifewave Patches, and have lots of laughs

Rest Quiet claims that LifeWave Technology makes it possible to passively modulate the human magnetic field for the purpose of transmitting information to the human body.

The product is

in the form of a patch, with this product instructing the body to transport fats to the mitochondria for ATP production. The end result is that users experience immediate improvements in energy, stamina and well being.

The RestQuiet Patch system is the newest product of modern science applied to ancient oriental medicine that induces you into a deep rest by means of a persistent stimulation of the bodies own natural acupuncture meridians.

Lifewave doesn't expect their consumers to be highly educated and intelligent consumers.

They explain their product like this (no.3):

Communicate with your body!
Here is another way to think about it. Cell phones use wireless communication. If you want to call a friend, you dial their number, then talk. What's happening?

The radio signal sent out from your phone is an electro-magnetic vibration. When you dial your friend's number, you get connected to his phone because your cell phone's radio frequency "vibrates" in a manner and in a language that the cell tower can understand. Your specific communications, (your friend's number, then your voice), is carried by the vibrating radio waves.

The Lifewave patches are like wireless communication. They call your body up and talk. The energy patch says "more energy, please."

Go visit World Wide Scam, an uncommon web page, for further information.

Scroll down the main page and view a Lifewave Affiliate Demonstration (the place, where you see two guys testing the patch) and be amused *LOL*. It's quite funny because these two guys are laughing themselves, and they seems to forget when they are wearing the patch, and when they are not.

I guess these patches can do more miracles, like increasing hair growth by "turning off" DNA molecules responsible for male pattern baldness, or improving cancer by "turning off" fast growing tumor cells.

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