Sunday, May 08, 2005

Hearings in Kansas on evolution is not about science

Starting this week in Kansas, the State Board of Education is holding hearings to help deciding how science should be taught.

Both sides of this week's evolution hearings are represented by lawyers.

Calvert, the retired corporate lawyer who runs the Intelligent Design Network in Shawnee Mission, and Irigonegaray, the Topeka trial lawyer who volunteered to defend evolution.

Two of the men that are pushing the anti-evolution crusade in Kansas are William S. Harris and John H. Calvert.

They wrote Intelligent Design: The Scientific Alternative to Evolution, an essay published in The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly's special issue on the theory of evolution.

The essay starts by posing the central question, "Where do we come from?", and the obvious follow-up, "Are we here for a purpose?" And their answer is intelligent design, which bends science to the will of religion. In their essay, Calvert and Harris wrote that intelligent design is not religion, but immediately added that "there are profound religious, ethical, and moral implications associated with each origins theory." That is a contradiction.

The idea of the new definition is that you keep "continuing investigation" until you find an answer that is suitable to you and your prejudices, rather than stopping when you find the truth. Any scientific theory will hold no water unless the creationists feel it is "adequate".

Science observes what is, then seeks to understand how thing works. Intelligent design starts with the explanation and then they ask why.

The hearings have nothing to do with science and the hearings seem to be of no importance unless they come up with some state standards that defy logic and sense.

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