Sunday, September 18, 2005

A collection of selected skeptical links. Enjoy!

I've collected some interesting links on my way, that I would like to share:

Skeptical websites:

Superstition Science Fact or Fiction

This website is maintained by Mario Di Maggio and his TOC is worth reading.

He defines himself as a bright - I'm an atheist and I don't believe in God, but it's actually not the same as a bright:

A "Bright" is someone whose worldview is free from supernatural or mystical elements. "Atheist" is someone who denies God's existence, or one who doesn't believe in God. While "Atheist" is the negation of "Theist" (sounding like it starts from the "max position" and then disproves God), "Bright" doesn't involve the word "Theism" at all.
(explained here)

A skeptic moment with Tim Kammer

Tim Kammer has been asking questions and questioning answers from childhood. It was when he saw a PBS documentary debunking Bermuda Triangle myths that Kammer realized adults don’t always tell the truth.
His schedule is astro on monday, Psychic on tuesday, Mythical on wedneysday, Quack on thursday and Space Alien on friday. Enjoy!

Better Avoid That Black Cat -- It's Friday The 13th

Tim Kammer is a member of the Seattle Society for Sensible Explanations, check out their Web site. They promotes science, critical thinking and sensible explanations for alleged paranormal events.

Mystery Investigators

Using the Method of Science to Investigate the Strange and Mysterious.

Audio and Video Clips:

James Randi

Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer

James Randi Multimedia

An ABC News Special examines the supernatural and our willingness to be deceived. James Randi is the guest.

Richard Dawkins Multimedia

About Richard Dawkins

Michael Shermer Multimedia

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