Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Deepak Chopra v. Michael Shermer

Deepak Chopra and Michael Shermer are debating Skepticism In eSkeptic:

Is Skepticism a Negative or a Positive for Science and Humanity?

This debate was initiated by Deepak Chopra after he and Michael Shermer exchanged blogs on (where they are both bloggers) on the topic of Intelligent Design. Deepak expressed his doubts about Intelligent Design Theory as it is presented for public school consumption, but suggested that there is scientific evidence of intelligent consciousness in the universe, as evidenced by findings from quantum physics.

Shermer posted a response in which he employed the philosopher Daniel Dennett’s evolutionary metaphor of cranes and skyhooks (in his book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea), where cranes build from the bottom up (natural selection) and skyhooks are invoked to explain design from the top down (intelligent design). Shermer suggested that Deepak’s intelligent consciousness is just another form of skyhook.
The following essay was submitted to Skeptic by Deepak:

Gadflies Without a Sting - The Downside of Skepticism

Shermer responded at the end of Deepak’s essay:

The Power of Positive Skepticism - A Reply to Deepak Chopra

Shermer also replied that positive skepticism is a way of thinking that leads to deeper understanding, and it is a vital tool in the science kits of practicing scientists.

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