Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Questions about zonetherapy

Zonetherapy is a very popular treatment in Denmark. 26% af the danes have tryed zonetherapy and 19% are satisfied referring to www.ikon.dk (Danish weblink). The treatment consist of pressure under feet and are based on the theory that you have zones under feet, that can influence every organ and structure in your body. Zonetherapy was introduced in Denmark in the beginning of 1970 by Lis Andersen, á danish PT with interest in alternative treatments.

When you are getting á massage under your feet, something happens with your body, you can feel it. The question is: Can we accept á treatment only because it claims to work or because we can feel something happens to the body? Do we need to know why and how zonetherapy is effective?

Zonetherapy is inspired by easthern religious sources often from taoisme and hinduisme. The question is: Can we accept to keep cause and effects seperated? Can you use the massage under your feet and turn down the cause?

Alternative treatments and zonetheraphi treats the whole body through á little part of the body. They think holistic. The question is whether zonetherapy is á physically or á spiritual way to be treated? Does á little part of the body have spiritually skills to know the rest of the body and the human it´s á part of?

Often zonetherapy is combined with homoeopathic medicine, meridians, medicine based on flower and other alternatives. The question is: Why? There are many interesting theories about zonetherapy, but we have none conclusive. Is zonetherapy being used like á troyan horse for more "powerfull" and "effective" treatments?

Have you tried zonetherapy and what´s your experience?

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